Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Graduation Wesley primary school 2019 year 6

Yesterday, All the year 6 students at Wesley Primary School graduated from Primary. We got Certificates and medals. We had a special guest called Mr. Margetts he recently left this school at the end of 2018, After teaching 9 years at Wesley.
.Here are some photos of it:

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

John- Ted Bundy Wanted poster and made up Back story

Ted Bundy was addicted to the Joker and decided to become an outlaw Kidnapping his first victim Brenda Bill by stealing an ice cream truck. He was tricking all innocent young women. The police were notified that Brenda was missing after a week later. To this day we don't know where she is. He repeated his act until he was finally caught and went to Salt Lake Prison. He escaped and committed crimes again.

The Wanted Poster

Ted Bundy Accused of kidnapping 15 young women. Height 7'5" Age: 39. Escaped Salt Lake Prison. DO NOT APPROACH. Dial 911 Immediately. Slim build. Born: Burlington Vermont. Said to say he's in California. Pale skin, Hair colour: Brown. May have weapons. Serial kidnapper Ted Bundy must be stopped.

Reward 900,000 Dollars

Sorry I am not telling the real story of Ted Bundy because of it too disturbing. Hope you liked it.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

My DLO on fire safety


hello, Today I made a  DLO on fire safety and how to keep you safe. It took me an hour but I managed to stay on task. My next steps are to add more detail and describe the impact of my writing. Hope you enjoy this sorry you can't see properly. Bye have a great time.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

My DLO About Pacific Instruments

Hello, today I did a DLO about pacific instruments hope you like it bye.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Who am I ? (Job)

Gigantic, bold and shiny
Stomping, pointing and lips moving
He is as loud as a siren
He is a volcano
Angry, also Angry and angry

Who am I?

Who am I ?

Hello, today I made this called who am I? and you need to guess what I am please comment below what you think it is and please don't try purposely to copy others answers. we had to use onomatopoeia and etc. I enjoyed using these good strong vocabulary words to make it interesting well bye blog you later.

Draft: Who am I? 
Line 1; Onomatopoeia: Vhmmmm!
Line 2; 3 adjectives: loud, sharp and gigantic.
Line 3; 3 verbs: walking, talking and cutting.
Line 4; Simile: It is as loud as an eagle.
Line 5; Metaphor: He is an empty box.
Line 6; alliteration: he’s happy, helpful and hardworking.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

My Favorite Task

My Favorite Task is the CV that I made because it was a challenge and was great making and sharing my personal attributes. Bye blog you later