Tuesday, 12 December 2017

my flag i would choose if i changed it

                                   I chose the color white for the long white cloud.
                                   I chose the color green for all of the nature and forest in new Zealand.
                                   I chose the eagle which represents all the birds that fly around NZ.
                                   I chose the color blue in the eagle  for all the oceans and beaches.


  1. Kia Ora John,

    My name is Clare, and I will be one of the people blogging with you this summer for the Summer Learning Journey.

    Pretty cool flag that you designed, I think that you thought really hard about this flad and what you wanted it to look like. Great job.

    We are thrilled that you've registered for the Summer Learning Journey with us. I know it can sometimes be tricky to get started. I have included a link to the week one activities, but remember, you can do them in any order! Check out the activities on our website, and then post your responses to the activities here on your blog site.

    I am so excited to read all of your posts!



  2. Hi John, I'm Sam From Kokatahi- Kowhitirangi School. You know, I have an uncle John. Anyway I really like your photo because of the colours you picked and the personality of each reason of why you chose that colour. Next time you could add more detail to each part. Did you use google drawings to draw it because it looks very detailed?

    Blog You Later

  3. hi john,i'm Alyssa from papakura-central.i really like your photo beacause of how you exspland it like how the ground looks like and the clouds.i think it is perfect.Did you make it on a google drawing our did you make a slide?

    serenely Alyssa :)😃😃😃😃😃

  4. hi im Ben
    i like your flag
    maybe next time add some ore detail to the flag
    and add some more words such as what country it represents and yeah
    bye :D

  5. Kia ora John, My name is Olivet! Im from Papakura Central School. I really like your flag, it's amazing! The colour's go well together. Maybe next time you could say what country it represents.

    Hope to see more posts from you soon!