Thursday, 25 October 2018

Camp term 4

On the first of November my class and the another class will be going on camp at the Arataki visitors center in the waitakere ranges. We will be doing heaps of activities about outdoor life and how to cook food. Right now we are reading websites and making google docs on what equipment to bring. For example a torch and sleeping bags. The center it available for the public from 9 am to 5 pm we will be there for 2 days one night. Since i'm a year five next year in term 4 we will be going on camp for the whole week. Comment below if you are going on camp or if you have gone to camp. Thanks for your'e time bye.

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  1. Hi John, I'm AJ from Owairaka District School. I really liked your blog post about camp! I liked how you described and gave us full detail about camp. Next time can you please share with us some pictures. What activity did you like the most?

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